Last updated: July 2014

This is a list of things and tools that I enjoy using and would strongly recommend.

Mac apps

Sublime Text 2 – I don’t care very strongly for one text editor or another, but this one is my favourite so far

Things – great task manager app, also spoke about it here

Arq – great cloud backup tool; it works with the Amazon S3 and Glacier (which you obviously pay for separately) and has allowed me to backup a lot more than ever before (including network drives) for much cheaper

Tweetbot – my favourite twitter app

1Password – my password manager, syncs with Dropbox (multi-platform)

iOS apps

Things – same as above, but on the iPhone

Tweetbot – my favourite twitter app… on the phone

Downcast – nice podcast app for iOS with lots of features

Prompt – when you need to SSH from your phone, you need a good tool

Development stuff

IntelliJ – If you write Java or Android, I cannot recommend this IDE enough. For that matter, everything from Jetbrains is absolutely stellar, so you should check out their products for other languages as well.

Infinitest – Continuous testing plugin for Eclipse/IntelliJ. Runs all your unit tests each time your code changes.

Patterns – regex tool for the Mac

Coderunner – Mac tool that allows you to quickly run a bit of code in a lot of different languages


Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker – I don’t always make coffee, but when I do, I use Aeropress

Logitech G400 Optical Gaming Mouse – seriously good mouse for people with big hands like me. Also adjustable sensitivity is sometimes very useful.

Jambox – there are Bluetooth speakers and then there are Bluetooth speakers.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Professional Headphones – I am no expert in headphones, but seems hard to beat these cans in terms of value for your money.