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London River Bus

My first mobile app is out, built by Marco and myself. Look for London River Bus on the Android Market, which will tell you when the next Thames Clipper will arrive at a pier near you. You can also checkout the map of all the routes. We have many more features lined up and hopefully […]


To break the negative vibe of me posting about things I don’t like, here’s something that I DO like. Recently discovered this app through Android niceties, one day after I declared that it seems to me that iOS apps are, on average, of much better quality (especially from a UI/UX point of view) than Android […]

E-Books ups and downs

Almost a year ago I blogged about getting a Kindle¬†and how I was pleasantly impressed by it (that’s an euphemism for being totally blown away). It’s been 11 months and in this time I have downloaded 58 books on my Kindle. Wow! Now I say download and not bought because about half of these are […]

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