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Yahoo Mobile Blog

I am super excited to announce that we have launched a brand new and shiny Yahoo Mobile blog! I will continue to write here as always, but I will also be writing on the company blog (and will repost links here for my posts). If you’re interested in mobile development, definitely something to follow, as you will be reading […]

It’s not the user

I would guess that at this point everyone in the world knows about this week’s “leak” where lots of private pictures from celebrities were stolen and then shared in the open. And if you’re interested in this sort of stuff, you’ve probably read quite a few opinions ranging from “why do these pictures exist” and […]

Tool sharing time

I started a new page where I will be sharing various apps that I actively use for day to day tasks or for development. It will be heavily focused on the Apple ecosystem, but some things will be multi-platform. It’s work in progress, so check back soon for new additions. Go to My toolkit! Suggestions […]

Things I like

I too rarely take the time to discuss apps or services that I really enjoy, so I’m going to do jump ahead and do this now. If you’re looking for an application to use with your task management (and especially if you’re into GTD), I highly recommend using Things*. You can install it on your […]

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