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WordPress update problems

This one has been annoying me for so long, that I need to share the solution. One some of my recent installs of WordPress, I was not able to update the installation from the dashboard. It worked fine for plugins and themes, but would not work for the main platform itself. If you’ve ever done […]

Tool sharing time

I started a new page where I will be sharing various apps that I actively use for day to day tasks or for development. It will be heavily focused on the Apple ecosystem, but some things will be multi-platform. It’s work in progress, so check back soon for new additions. Go to My toolkit! Suggestions […]

Static factory methods

Last week the LJC kindly offered me the chance to do a lightning talk before Tim Berglund‘s presentation “Git from the Bits up” at Skills Matter. I decided to do a quick introduction to Static factory methods and their use, based on the information in “Effective Java”, which I previously mentioned. The five minute video […]

Cycling to work

I started doing this a few months ago, rather irregularly at first and now almost daily. Before I start talking about it, let me just make it clear that I am not preaching. I don’t think everyone should cycle to work, I don’t think that if we all cycle to work the baby seals will […]

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