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"This is our last dance. This is ourselves. Under pressure."

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January 3rd, 2008

Victor Socaciu – La un ceai Asculta mai multe audio Muzica ยป Yes, it’s been half a year… but now, finally, I’ve made some time to go through the pictures taken on the slopes, on January 3rd. I won’t try and explain why it took me so long. It could be that I was postponing […]

CCDC – Mid-atlantic Regional

Now I’ve had my share of competitions and especially computer science competitions. I had my first one when I was about 10 (that meaning I’ve spent half of my life doing CS competitions). And I’ve seen a lot of them…and I’ve seen pressure and people breaking under pressure. But I had no idea that I’ll […]

His Dark Materials

All who have spent some time by my side know that I generally openly despise happy endings. Happy endings are predictable, forgettable and generally too fantastic too be really appreciated. You can ruin even the best of stories by a simplistic happy end. It’s the tragedies that stick with us… that bring about our catharsis […]

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