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"This is our last dance. This is ourselves. Under pressure."

Author / Alex Florescu


I’ve written a few posts on Medium recently: They don’t apply A few thoughts on release notes The bigger picture I haven’t quite decided yet if I will keep writing both here and there, but if you’ve been following this blog, you should definitely follow me there as well, more content is sure to come.

Android RangeSeekBar

There are many awesome things about doing an open-source release, but one of the more selfish benefits is being able to continue working on the projects you love even after you move on to a different company. So while I have left Yahoo a few weeks ago to join YPlan, I can keep working on the Android […]

Super social

Most technological inventions are not inherently good or evil, they are just tools and it is up to the humans in charge of them to decide how they will be used. I wonder then, when did the Internet become the evil master villain? I’ve been reading so much recently about how to keep away from the online world, resist […]

Yahoo Mobile Blog

I am super excited to announce that we have launched a brand new and shiny Yahoo Mobile blog! I will continue to write here as always, but I will also be writing on the company blog (and will repost links here for my posts). If you’re interested in mobile development, definitely something to follow, as you will be reading […]

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