Lately, I have been experiencing an unusual kind of writer’s block.

It’s not a lack of topics or of desire or ability to put these into words. Rather, I have now reached a point where I am very aware, everyday, of how much there is that I do not know.

This makes it very difficult to write about the things that I *do* know, as I find myself questioning that knowledge in face of the big unknown. When there is a vast universe out there that you know nothing about, how can you confidently make assertions based just on the little bits and pieces that you do know!



Bertrand Russell: “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”


I think this type of overthinking ends up being an issue for a lot of young developers as well, in their day to day work. They reach a stage where their mastery of the craft is better than it has ever been, but they become distinctly aware of how much there is yet to learn and become afraid to act independently or they over-analyse their every decision.

This is probably where having an experienced mentor becomes invaluably useful, to help you build confidence in applying and sharing your knowledge.
In my case though, lacking that advice at the moment, I’ll just bite the bullet and plough through all the drafts that are gathering dust here and share them with the world, for better or for worse. After all, if a blog doesn’t get criticism, does it actually exist at all ?