If you’re developing for Android, sooner or later you’ll have to test your app against different versions of Android and different screen sizes and you probably want to see how these changes get reflected on all these devices simultaneously.

I won’t go into how many devices you should have and emulators vs physical ones, but instead I just wanted to write out how to get this running on all these devices simultaneously.

  • Option 1 — Use ant
  • Dan Dyer wrote a very good post on how to do this here.

  • Option 2a — use your IDE
  • In Eclipse/ADT, you can do this already from the run configuration. Just set the target to launch on all compatible devices (and a bit more refining is possible here, such as emulators only etc.). Didn’t seem to be able to do it from the device selector pop-up, you do have to manually edit the configuration.

  • Option 2b — use your other IDE
  • If you’re using IntelliJ, it’s the other way around. I was not able to do it from the manual configuration screen, but can do it from the pop-up device selector. Just shift+select the devices you are interested in from the list and that will work. If you tick Use “Same device for future launches”, it remembers to launch on the devices you’ve selected.