I will speculate that the majority of highly successful people (regardless of how you prefer to apply the definition of successful) do not employ GTD techniques. Or Pomodoro. And they don’t use any of the numerous shiny software solutions in this space*. I would even dare say they probably have never really felt they had a major productivity issue.
And while we’re speculating on nothing but thin air, I would also say they probably find time for their hobbies. And for their families. And they feel less “busy” and less “stressed” than their less “successful” peers.

I think that we have mistakenly engrained in our society the idea that we have an efficiency problem. Everywhere people are struggling to become more efficient, to fill every little bit of their day with something. Never get bored. Never waste time. Be as efficient as you can be.
The only missing bit seems to be… what are they becoming more efficient for? What is the end-goal? For most people this question is not even asked, let alone answered.

Efficiency for efficiency sake is useless. I don’t think we have an efficiency problem, if anything we are more efficient nowadays than we’ve ever been. I think instead, we have a prioritisation problem. People are simply not thinking well (or at all!) about what is actually important to them, of what brings value and joy to their lives.

If you’re doing things you are passionate about, if you invest yourself in your work and your hobbies, you will find the time and energy. Just as you will find the time to spend with people that are important to you. And boredom isn’t all that bad… Good ideas come out boredom and free time. So let go a little bit! You may find yourself enjoying the results.

* All things I am very much a fan of