I am very late to the “blog about this conference” party, having been caught up with other things in the last month, but here’s my share of highlights for posterity as well.
For the second year in a row, I woke up early on a Saturday to take part in the LJC Open Conference and just like last year, I had a fantastic time!

Lightning talks are one of my favourite bits at the conference, because you get to hear lots of ideas in a relatively short amount of time. This year I presented a lightning talk on verifiable voting. People seemed to like it (HT to Trisha for her kind words) so I’m really glad I decided to do it and hope to follow-up on the subject with those that reached out to me. I am still surprised how little developers know about this topic and it seems that London is no different than Washington, DC was.

I really enjoyed the talk by Graham Allan on tools for remote pair-programming and I can’t wait to test the apps he suggested.

My favourite was the workshop by Sandro Mancuso on refactoring and testing. It was great to see Sandro’s workflow live and he had some really good tips which I’m working on implementing in my own day to day job. You can now view this session as a webcast.

I also really enjoyed the discussion on Adopt OpenJDK led by Ben Evans and I am considering getting involved in that project next year.

@Sleepyfox also had a great and fantastic piece about the role of management in modern software development which was very thought-provoking. By the end, several of us were asking to forward that presentation onto our managers, so maybe we’ll see a blog post with it? 🙂

Finally, I participated in the pilot for LJC “meet-ins” and heard about some open source-projects looking for interested developers. I think the pilot went well and there’s a lot of potential for these meet-ins and I hope I will see more of them happening next year.

All in all, it was a great experience, caught up with some old faces, made some new friends and learned some new things. Thanks again to Barry, IBM and everyone involved in organising this and looking forward to next year’s edition!