I know I’ve been quiet for an unusual period of time. I know, I know, I’ll get to that in my next post. This one is more practical though and needs to go out first.

Quietly, this blog (and all the other websites that I maintain) have moved from the host where they’ve lived happily for the last 6 years to something new. Bluehost was great for me back in ’06, when I was a freshman in college, keen on registering a permanent domain name and becoming more active on the web. It wasn’t too pricey (and I was able to share the use with some friends to fit it in a student’s budget) and the controls were pretty clear for someone starting out.

As the years have passed though, I’ve more and more often found the shared resources to be insufficient, occasionally causing big loading times for my websites because of the necessary throttling of shared hosting. I’ve also seen the domain registrar fees increase (when the privacy option became something you paid for separately) and I also started to have a need to run my own server processes for various other projects I’m working on. It was clear that I had outgrown the capabilities of my initial setup and needed to bite the bullet and move on.

So waving goodbye to Bluehost and being thankful for 6 years of good service with virtually no critical incidents, I moved on to using Linode for my server and Hover for my domain registration. These services were strongly recommended by people in the industry that I trust and I can echo those recommendations as both services have been stellar so far. If you’re looking for either a registrar or a VPS provider, don’t be afraid to click those links.

My Linode server is a VPS out of London, entirely managed by me, which means that if any issues our outages occur, it’s now probably my fault. But hoping that won’t happen too often, I expect you will find a more responsive website and faster loading times than ever before.

There are still a few issues to iron out (e.g. the photo gallery isn’t working yet), but all the main bits are in place so if you do find any issues, please let me know in the comments.