Zipcar is a carsharing company which allows its members to rent cars from numerous locations around the city for as little as an hour or for several days.

It’s available in many cities around the world, including London, Washington DC and New York.

If you live in London, a Zipcar membership means you get congestion charge included, petrol & car wash included, first 40miles/day free and you can probably find a car somewhere pretty close to you, starting at £5/hr.

Zipcar also has vans available which become very useful when you’re looking to move flats or just want to spend all your money at IKEA over a Saturday.

I’ve been using Zipcar for almost a year and have been extremely satisfied with their cars and their service and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs the occasional ride, but doesn’t drive often enough to need to own a car.
There’s a referral ad permanently on my website now that looks like the one below. Should you be interested in signing up for Zipcar, go through that ad and both you and me get £25 in driving credit each.

Join Zipcar and get £25 in free driving

Happy driving!