As you may have noticed, I have decided to start placing some advertisement on my website. This is a rather big decision so I want to make sure my intentions are clear.

These ads, whether they are referral links or not will ONLY be for services or products that I have used and would highly recommend. They will all be hand-picked, I am not using any automated ad platform like AdSense and I promise to keep it that way. It goes without saying that I will do my best to minimise the impact these have on the website’s layout and to keep them as simple as possible.

I also promise that I will introduce any new ad by a post explaining what it is about (the one for Zipcar is coming right up).

The motivation behind this is simple… since I would already be blogging about good services that I have used, it makes sense for me to try and also get some manner of income out of it. Good hosting doesn’t come cheap and this I hope will help offset those costs.