I do not believe in gods or prayers or an “up there” or a “down there”. I don’t believe in ghosts, tooth fairies or magical items. I don’t knock on wood, turn around from black cats or avoid anything with the number 13 on it. I do not believe in pretty much any myth or superstition, but I do make wishes before I blow out candles, every time.

Why do it if I don’t believe they’ll come true?

It’s maybe a way of reminding myself of what’s really important for me, of what matters in life. In that brief moment before the candle lights go out, when I’m holding that wish strongly in my mind, I know exactly what it is I want, what I’d ask to be granted for me if I believed anyone could. And because I don’t believe anyone can grant it, I usually go ahead and just do it myself.


Feel free to believe or not believe in whatever you want to, whatever makes you happy and don’t be afraid to make wishes. But don’t forget to believe in yourself. That will always get things done.