I’ve been reading Rands in Repose blog (and so far I loved every post I read there) and this one entry really got me thinking.

I think you should take the time to read it, it’s a really good piece, especially if you’re a manager of tech lead. But back to the topic, it really got me thinking… about how cool that idea is! It’s so awesome to try doing this commitment to one hour of creative work every single day and so much that could come out of it. So I decided to take that concept and mold it into something interesting and useful for me and here’s what came out of that.

Anca & I have now challenged each other to do something creative for an hour everyday and then show each other what is it that we did. There are a few catches: it can’t be work or school related (and in my case this means that I must not use this hour to debug my pet Android projects… if I have an exciting idea, I could write something new, but I will stay away from large projects; there’s other blocks of time for that), and it has to be “creative”… it has to be something NEW, whether it’s writing, building something, coding a *new* project, anything that delivers a creative original result.

To try and make sure we actually deliver something (as some of our previous similar challenges haven’t materialised because of too many things we have to do), I thought about using the “Seinfeld Calendar” technique.

Now, time to get to it!