To break the negative vibe of me posting about things I don’t like, here’s something that I DO like.

Recently discovered this app through Android niceties, one day after I declared that it seems to me that iOS apps are, on average, of much better quality (especially from a UI/UX point of view) than Android apps. Neither the app nor the blog itself have really been enough to make me take that statement back – and I will write more about why I think that is soon – but it has definitely made me a bit happier about the apps that are available to the droid platform.

Any.DO is a to-do/task list with a lovely interface. Hands down the best task list app I’ve used so far.

What I like about it is 99% in the user experience. It looks nice and it’s very easy to read and use.

I want to emphasise, for all the mobile devs out there: it didn’t convince me with features! So far I’ve only discovered a few extra features that my previous apps didn’t have (e.g. automatically searches and lists contacts as you type when you’re creating a task, in case you want to add someone to it; also allows you to create a task on the fly for a missed call – call Alice in one hour), but I discovered that after I had decided to use it instead of my current similar app. I haven’t even explored most of what it can probably do!


Suggesting contacts


For me, the decision was made when I saw, within minutes of using it, that I can do all that I was doing before with considerably less effort.

It’s all in the UX. That won me over and that’s what wins users over almost every time. There is no use in adding a super complex set of features, if they are hard to use or find.


So, bottom line – it’s out for Android (iOS coming soon) and it’s free! So go ahead and check it out and let me know whether you agree or not.