A friend pointed out that although I say that I am a huge film buff, I don’t ever write anything about the films I see. So I decided to change that and start writing about some of these. There’s a new category named “Film Reviews” where all of these will be put in.


So most recently, I’ve seen Real Steel. We were trying to pick between going to see Drive and this and we decided to see this because it seemed like a more “goody-feeling” kind of film and we were in the mood for that. Now before you dismiss it as a “robots boxing action flick”, give me a minute to try and sell it (my girlfriend also liked it… so read on!)

Real Steel

It’s truly nice and it’s really not about robots fighting. The plot is more about the strained relationship between a 11 year old kid and his dad who never wanted him, was never there for him (up until now when he has no choice) and can’t get his own life together to begin with. It’s a bit of an old story, I’ll give you that, but it’s very nicely done and I really connected well with the main characters. Hugh Jackman did well and I loved the kid. It also stars “Freckles” from Lost (she was pretty much the only thing that kept me going through the last two weeks of my attempt to watch that show… until I just couldn’t do it anymore, cute girl or not).

Now on top of what I believe is a nice story and a good plot … you get robots boxing! And that’s just awesome. I would pick this over any of Michael Bay’s transformers any time.

So you get a funny, well-written story with some nice action and CGI. This is what I call a good a match for everyone. If you can get the chance to see it in IMAX, it’s worth it.