If you’re like me and you’ve been running your life from your email account for several years now, you should also be pretty worried of what the consequences of it being compromised can be.

Sure, you can use a good strong password for your email account (and only for that), but what happens when you just need to check your email from a computer you don’t trust? Whether you’re travelling or visiting a friend or simply in a hurry, this is bound to happen sooner or later. Also, what happens if your computer gets compromised? You may think you’re safe, but it is definitely a possibility.

Google has now introduced 2-step verification, where besides your password, a code is also needed for logging in (you may use something similar for your bank). You don’t need to do this every time and the variety of ways in which you may get the code is large enough that it should be easy to find something that works for you.

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