I’ve recently purchased an unmanaged VPS (I eventually intend to move a lot of the stuff that I have spread out on the tubes over there) and I’ll be having fun with it in the following months, teaching myself system administration as I go.
One of the first things I needed to do with it was setup a DNS server on it and update that info with the registrar. It took a bit of googling and some trial&error, but it finally works.

Here’s the best guide I found on this topic and here’s some advice on how to read it:

  • the first post should be enough, but you may want to go through the other replies as well (be careful, some replies give BAD advice and are not flagged as such until later)
  • be careful to not only replace your domain name everywhere, but also your IPs; I know it sounds like dumb advice, but sometimes this is less obvious (e.g. for the reverse DNS entry and filename as well)
  • the comments in the zone files gave me trouble, I would just remove them
  • there is often a . trailing the domain name, don’t forget about these, read the instructions carefully
  • it’s not until the later replies that they mention this, but use “named-checkonf -z” to check your configuration files before restarting bind; it will be very helpful, that’s how I figured out all the problems in them

I can’t say I’m an expert on this, but ask questions if you have any, we’ll try and figure out the answer.