A while ago I promised that eTegrity and all related work will be released under an open-source license so that anyone can participate. Here are some updates on that.

I know it’s been long overdue, but there were some technicalities in the way, not to mention random other problems (including other priorities). I just wanted to say that we have started working on doing that properly. I don’t want to make any promises as far as dates, but it is happening.

The first thing we open-sourced is the DRE interface. This is the accessible audio and visual interface that I built in the summer of 2009. It has received some improvement while eTegrity was being built (September 2009 – May 2010) and has become its own separate project once again in October 2010, since we are working to make it usable for an election in November 2011. Our research team has also grown with two sophomores, John and Tyler, and we have decided that everyone should be listed on the copyright of our projects.

You can find more details about the project here (the website is also work in progress, we’ll add more stuff as we go along).
The source code is hosted on a Mercurial repository hosted by Bitbucket (btw, the sound files are also included in the repo which is why it takes forever to checkout a copy; I promise to fix that soon).
The code is released under GPL so have fun with it.

We’re working on more developer documentation, but the internal one should be fairly solid.