If you’ve ever used StackOverflow or any of the related StackExchange websites, you most probably know how great they work for Q&A purposes, especially for domains where beginners tend to ask the same questions over and over again and where determining which advice is good and which users to trust is incredibly difficult.

Briefly, the StackExchange platform allows for votes on both answers, questions and comments, it is entirely community moderated and permissions come with increasing reputation. You get reputation by asking good questions and giving good answers. Once your reputation increases, you get various moderation rights, starting with the basic voting capability to the point where you can edit everything on the website. Common topics get turned into community wikis where everyone can contribute for creating a database of knowledge.

The proposal for an “Exercise and Fitness” stack exchange website has been suggested a while ago and the project is now in “Commitment” phase, meaning that people need to commit (essentially promise that they are interested in the website and will be fairly active when it comes online). Once enough people have commited, the project will launch in Beta and the process can begin.

If this is something you think you will be interested in, follow this link to commit and help make it happen.