For the best explanation of the year: Daniel F.
“Well you also drown a lot quicker than you die of thirst” (on me wondering how much water my new plant needed and whether it will be more damaging to go for more or for less)

For the best birthday gift of the year: Ana S.
Music box playing the theme of Davy Jones. Glorious!

For the best punchline of the year: Daniel F. again!
Professor: “Okay well then let’s look at it a different way. What is the opposite of a well-rounded education?”
Daniel: “That would be a… square education!”

For the best phonecall EVER: Nicole

For the best trip of the year: Tudor PM & Ovi
Yup, we went to the largest Aqua Park in Romania… or did we?

For the worst film of the year: … me
Yup, I’ll have to take that, for convincing everyone to go to The Expendables. Although I still say it was AWESOME!

For the best soup of the year: Ana A.
Minestrone with a touch of smartphone.

For the best photo of the year: Ovi
..But now I won’t tell you which one 😛

For the best question of the year: Sandra
“De cand e taxa pe autostrada?!…”

For the best driving of the year: Gogu
Golden Sands got pwned.

For the best “famous last words” line: Gogu again
“Ah, era indicator de sens interzis acolo?”

For the best host of the year: “Bunica lui Tudor”
<3 <3 <3 For the most helpful friend of the year: Flavius Need a flight reservation done NOW?! Call 1-800-Flavius. For the procrastinator of the year: Ovi "yeaah, we should probably go get those train reservations" (on the afternoon of the day we were leaving on our 3-week European trip) For the best law of the year: Tudor B. "Legea Michelangelo", still pending parliament approval For the best of the best: Tudor PM For being an awesome friend with a contagious "pink" optimism that always brings a bright light for all his friends and loved ones. And for the talking belly 😛 That's all for 2010, Happy New Year everyone! 🙂