Aaaaand we’re back.

Vacation was good (read: fabulous) and I will soon be going through the pictures I took during that time and I’ll post them, as promised, as part of the photo challenge I put up months ago.
In the mean time, I’m slowly getting back to work, which I guess also means that the long overdue open source release of my senior design project should be coming around. No promises just yet, but I hope it won’t be long now.

As far as what I’m up to, I’m still at GW, getting my Master’s now. I’m still doing research in the same area as before, still coaching the ACM programming team and now I’m also a Graduate Teaching Assistant for an introductory computer science class. I’ve got a really cool project coming up, but before I can start on that I need to get all the previous stuff figured out; so, more on that later.

Please excuse my prolonged absence, as I said before: I’m not really a blogger; also, I tend to runaway from computers when on vacation. This just happened to be a very long one. All is fair in love and war, yes?