Whenever some website emails me MY OWN PASSWORD in plaintext, I feel like pulling my hair out.

1. You should not be storing passwords in plaintext!!! NOT! EVER! There is no excuse for that, no excuse, I don’t care how small and insignificant your website is, that is unacceptable, simply unacceptable!
2. You should never email such significant information over an unsecured channel such as email. Again, NOT EVER.
2b. Because you do the stupidity of emailing me my password, anyone looking over my shoulder can see it too, they don’t even need to know what a sniffer is. WOW, thank you!
3. Why would you ever email me my own password? WHY?! It’s like calling me and telling me my name, then asking me what my name is then telling me my name again to see if I still remember it! No actually, wait, that would not be as moronic because my name is NOT A SECRET ONLY I SHOULD KNOW!

So, kids, that’s why you should NEVER have the same passwords for things that are really important like email and bank accounts and crappy websites that can’t even do hashing and salting.