Following Ovi’s example, I’ll try to compile a post to thank my friends for random small things. Some people might be terribly surprised to find themselves on this list (assuming they even read the blog, which I doubt for the most part). Well, don’t be… it’s these small things that sometimes matter so much. I tried to also put family members here, but I couldn’t, because you just can’t thank your family for small things. Everything they do is huge in so many ways. So here we go:

Thank you…
Radu, for that time when he asked me to help him program that game
Cata, for teaching me how to play whist
Tudor B., for inviting me over to show me some tricks in Photoshop
Andreas, for that time he took me for a walk in the cemetery
Mona, for letting me take pictures of her
Ovi, for giving me his battery charger
Anca, for that walk in the park..and the cake
Ana B., for dancing with me that night
Ana S., for asking my opinion about her tattoo
Mario, for that phonecall
Sandra, for the “Bad Guy” teddybear keychain
Nicole, for always passing the ball
Silvia, for her colored hand-made cards
Viv, for the egyptian eye she drew on my hand in highschool
Tudor PM, for asking me to help him with that script
Gogu, for sometimes letting me win at Need for Speed
Random girl in the metro, for asking me about my xkcd tshirt
Livia, for the letter she sent me long ago
Misu (wherever you are), for giving me my first Queen CDs
Rax, for offering me tea that evening
Angi, for showing me the “Easter Egg” on the LotR DVD
Daniel, for coming with me on that long drive
Georgiana, for the critique on that text of mine
Justin, for letting me play Halo on his XBox even though I sucked
Trevor, for making me stay on the CCDC team
Irina, for the hacker gloves

And the list could probably go on, but I’ll stop here for now. Thank you all!

Thank you

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