Damn, 2009 was hard. Really really hard. I mean if there is one word that characterizes this year for me, it has got to be “tired”. Last year got me soooo tired, that after a three week vacation I still wake up in the morning with the energy of a drunk hamster. I’ll optimistically try to blame it on jetlag, but I’m not really fooling myself with that. Anyway, glad 2009 is over, I’m not going to lie.

Then, it was really weird as far as people went. First half of the year, everyone was fighting with everyone. I wasn’t talking to two of my closest friends. Two other dear friends of mine were having an all out war of sorts that I somehow got caught in the middle of last Christmas. But eventually, after a lot of hard work, slowly things fell back into place and by the end of 2009 smiles replaced frowns and laughter replaced shouting. Cool! It still doesn’t make any sense, but at least now it’s all good.

Then there’s the rest of the world of course… if it’s not “the economy” it’s the swine flu. Oh and global warming, wars, hunger, disease and political BS… the usual. Will it ever end?

And other bad and good things happened in 2009… it had its share of love and hate, good times and tears.
A sad thing was the passing of my grandma… losing your grandparents suddenly makes you feel a whole lot older. But, such is life..

All in all, I wouldn’t call it a year like any other, there’s definitely a shadow floating with it, but I don’t want to call it a bad year either. After all, many good things happened in 2009 in all aspects of my life. I guess it all balances out really in some complicated universal equation… or something.


Well, I generally hate “New Year resolutions”, but this time I might make an exception. After all, a new “Year” is as good as time as any to stop and think about where you’re going with your life. So, 2010 resolutions? Yeah I got one: slooooow doooown! Spend more time to enjoy the world around me, the moments, the people. Live, stop running.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve tried to do more and more with my life. I interpreted “carpe diem” as a need to do something each moment. I think I was wrong… For the first time ever, this year I am going to try to do less. There’s a famous quote among bikers that says “Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly”. Well I’m going to take that and give it a small change… “Never live faster than your guardian angel can follow”.

And I’m working on a plan for my resolution. I know what I want it to be. So maybe, by December 2010 I will have reached this objective. You see, the problem with these resolutions (and the main reason why I hate them) is that people don’t do them right at all. These “resolutions” are really just ideas. They are high-level concepts, not plans. Saying “I want to be a better person” doesn’t really mean anything practical. There’s nothing implied in that. What exactly are you going to do that will result in you being a better person??? You got no idea, but you set out to be a better person. Fantastic, see you next year. That’s why people fail to achieve their new year ideals, because they only come up with the concept, but not with the plan. Anyway, I’m building my plan… and it looks like I’m getting somewhere.

Well that’s that for now. Happy New Year everyone and my sincere and deepest thanks, hugs and love to all the important people in my life (you know who you are!) for putting up with me, for being there when I needed them and for all the love they share. I would be nothing without you and you know it.