So here’s me, in my office, deciding to actually step up to the greatest challenge of my day: print stuff. My office connection is a simple network connection, no domain as far as I can tell and at some far end of the network there’s a printer.

Long story short, I tried everything for connecting to that printer. Tried adding a network printer by its address, hostname and a lot of silly attempts that probably made no sense. Tried installing it’s drivers from the CD. I tried everything I could think of for more than 30 minutes. Nothing worked. So then, I googled my problem and after a few minutes this is what I found:

You will probably be as amazed as I was to read how – in order to connect to a NETWORK PRINTER – you need to use the option “Local printer attached to this computer” not “A network printer..” as, well, you would think. I know, mind-blowing isn’t it? I thought it was a joke, but no… It actually worked.