I never think of myself as a blogger. I don’t write often, I rarely write about things that interest more than a select few and I don’t do it in a very original manner. But I enjoy this and changes in my life have all been reflected in this blog as it bounced between being a photo, tech and purely personal blog. Further more, one of the pieces of unsolicited advice that I often give people is: “no matter what you do, put passion in it and thrive to at least do the best you can”. So what does that mean?

First of all, I will attempt to add some structure and dedication here and actually post regularly and put a little bit more work in what I write. I would like to stress the word attempt since I got no idea whether or not this will actually work out as I want it. But this blog deserves a bit more work. At the end of last summer I decided to split my public online publishing activity into three components: this blog was going to remain the main component, but it was going to suffer some modifications to remove the very personal things out of it, give it a more presentable view and this has been mostly succesful, I should say. The second was to create a private forum for myself and very close friends that I had difficulty keeping in touch with and that was done shortly and has been going very well also. The third component which was also the least important has actually been a failed attempt and I will not spend more time here on it, I will just say that the need for it was easily covered between the previous two, as I realized some time later. So as it is, this remains the single public publishing online spot I work with and I feel it merits some more work and I will try to get on that.

Second, althought I am still debating exactly what the best manner to go about this is, I will look into adding more categories and variety to the blog. I do a lot more things every day than criticize others, look back at good memories and listen to music. There is a lot I can share with the world (whether “the world” actually wants to read it or not is a different story) and I think I should at least try. More on that soon.

Third, I started out on the wrong foot since this post is one day late according to my own personal schedule, but even more of a reason to catch up! Stay tuned, I hope you’ll be getting more updates on your RSS feeds from me very soon!