Again this weekend I was part of the GW team that participated at the mid-atlantic regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. And again, it was loads of fun (and really really good food this time). We didn’t win, we got second place, but I think that’s a good result considering we spent even less time preparing than last year (actually NO time preparing in my personal case).

We probably won’t participate again, at least not with the same team (some of us are graduating this year and then there’s this rule that currently only allows two participations) so I should say this was one of the most fun competition experiences of my life. I also should mention that Casey O’Brien, who is the main organizer of this event, said that he will miss GW’s team and that he feels we embody the spirit of this competition, because we try hard to do well, but at the same time we have fun and a great time. Casey telling us that means to me a lot more than having gotten the first place. And to all of you that have worked with me, you know that’s my position, you should always have fun, no matter what competition (or just general challenge) you’re involved in, otherwise it’s just not worth the effort!

So again, thanks to everyone that made this happen and I will mention again Casey O’Brien, White Wolf Security and CCBC, thanks to all the guys on the red team (see list here)who pwned us for three days (sorry I can’t remember all of you to mention) and congratulations to PITT for winning this and good luck at the nationals! Win those too and make Casey and Tim proud, ok guys? You can definitely do it!

I think some of the pictures are up here and I’m still waiting on the videos.