This is driving me crazy. No really, it is.

In the holy year of 2009 there are still nutritionists advocating low-fat diets as the silver bullet to a better life and everyone takes that for granted. Because of that the market has moved in this huge anti-fat direction. Hell, I can barely find ONE yogurt that is NOT low fat or fat free. And I could almost live with that if that extra fat weren’t replaced by sugar and artificial crap in most of these products. You’re taking away the natural fat that the human body needs (oh yes I said it, YOU NEED IT) and you are replacing it with chemicals and THAT’S suppose to be BETTER! Wait, WHAT?!

This is not about what’s good and what’s bad anymore, this is about choice. I can CHOOSE to smoke and knowingly hurt myself, I can CHOOSE to drink and knowingly hurt myself and while we’re at it, I can CHOOSE to OD on tons of OTC drugs and KNOWINGLY hurt/kill myself. But I am not given the choice of a regular yogurt. YO-GURT. Actually never mind the yogurt, it’s beginning to be difficult to even find cheese that is not low fat. WHAT IS GOING ON?! Is saturated fat really worse than tobacco?

I like my fat. YES, I do. Moreover, my FAT diet is HEALTHIER than your low-fat diet a hundred times and more. And I am willing to bet you that my cholesterol level is lower than yours. But this is not about me and it’s not about you. Do whatever you want. Eat your sugar-filled fat-free yogurt, drink that unhealthy soy milk (yes, I said unhealthy), eat that disgusting chemical mixture you nicknamed butter and pretend you are healthier because of that; but PLEASE let me have my fat yogurt, sour cream, cheese, milk etc. I am not taking away your diet coke, am I? Just give me my regular yogurt back, give me my fat back so that I can actually complete my healthy diet.

And when you’re done with that. please wake up. Fat is not the “enemy”. The enemy is inside, not outside.

PS: I also love it when people grab light yogurt, skim milk, cheese out of skim milk and then, finally, a box of donuts. Let me put it frankly: you’re doing it wrong.