I’m not really a big fan of new year resolutions. I have daily resolutions, I always make plans and improvements and I don’t think December 31st is a better choice than any other day for this purpose. But this year was a bit more interesting. I spent most of the last days of 2008 and first of 2009 analyzing two very dear friends of mine and thinking (together with others) of ways to try and help them get their lives back on the right track. But in doing this I ended up analyzing myself a lot also. What do I owe and to whom? Have I paid my own debts? Are my plans for the future realistic? Have I taken offense or played the victim where I wasn’t really offended or a victim at all? Am I any better than the ones I am trying to help?
Many such questions initially meant for other people turned around facing me. Answers were interesting to say the least.

So, New Year resolutions? No, still none. But many questions and many answers to give. I had a great time passing into 2009 (for a change) and even if the morning TV showed the same sad and disturbing news it always does, I hope this year will be better. No wait. I KNOW it will be.
So here’s to you, all the great people in my life that make things happen! I love you all, you’re wonderful, thanks for being there when times were hard and I’m glad we were still there when it was time to leave it all behind and have fun!