2008 was a weird weird year for me and it continues to be weird even through its last week. Still interesting, but weird.

Bad things happened. Death, illness, friends stopped being friends (yes, it turns out you can actually somehow decide to just stop being a friend one day after many years) and many more such things darken my memory of this year.

Good things also happened. Some friends got reunited, faces that used to be sad became happy, people pulled through hard times and did well. I made brownies and didn’t burn the kitchen down.

I also did many other things worth mentioning… Let’s look back on that together for one minute.
I went back to a healthy active lifestyle and mostly as a result of that, 2008 is the first year of my life in which I was never sick (although I still have a few more days to mess that record up…hopefully not). I worked my first full-time job as a software engineer with AOL and I loved it. Ditching dorm life, I got my first apartment. By the end of this year, I will have flown 15 times on 11 different trips in the past year (wow). I made some people happy and I made some people sad. I visited the orbital space station. (no, actually I didn’t, I just wanted to make sure you’re still paying attention). I beat my own record of hours spent in one continous block on a single project (19) and many more such fun things.

2008 was an year of transitions and it will be a while before I can tell whether these were mostly good or mostly bad. Either way, it was a big leap forward and that’s always good even when some tumbling and tripping is involved because of the distance being leaped. I’m getting ready to be on my way to end this year with style (and for me that usually involves slopes and some form of quick – and mostly gracious – descent) but… before I do that, I just want to send out a cheesy message.
Here it goes…

I would ask everyone to try and give a little bit more kindness and understanding to the ones around them (yes, I know Christmas has just passed, but it should be an example, not an exception). We can do so much with just a little extra understanding.
I also want to thank everyone who’s reading my blog for their time spent here and even more to those who comment. You make me happy, thank you for that!
I hope everyone is going to have a great time in the following days (remember: work hard, but also party hard!) and may 2009 be a better year for all of us! That’s about it from the cliche department here, see you all in good health in January!

Happy New Year!