So Raluca (thanks, by the way) decided to throw a tag my way, demanding of me 99 truths (all at once). A difficult and entertaining task. Here’s some music to go with it and off we go!

  1. If I can’t find something funny about it, it does not exist.
  2. I love the winter, the cold, the snow. To use Ralu’s syntax, I would rather be cold than hot.
  3. I am afraid of heights.
  4. #3 never stopped me from skiing, mountain biking, hiking and even rock climbing (only once though).
  5. I love trying out new things.
  6. Sometimes I feel old just because I did so many things in previous years.
  7. But then I feel young again because there’s so much I want to do and I haven’t done yet.
  8. I love my parents more than anything else in the world and now I am trying to catch up for all the years I didn’t realize this.
  9. I love Bucharest more than any other place in this world. Just the way it is. Dirty, gray and crowded. My heart will forever live in Bucharest.
  10. I need to be in the presence of people. People give me energy.
  11. At the same time, I like being alone when I need to “think”. There are only one or two distinct friends that I like sharing my loneliness with.
  12. I’m a huge film buff. On Netflix only I have rated nearly 500 films (and I’ve seen many that are not on there).
  13. I hate all physical addictions, even the “accepted” ones (tobacco, caffeine, sugars etc.) and I try to keep myself “free” from all these.
  14. “Mens sana in corpore sano” is something I try to live by.
  15. I never forget an insult or an injury. I may forgive (I often do), but I never forget.
  16. I also never forget when someone helped me.
  17. I believe in arts. I think people’s increasing lack of interest in arts is something that should be fought against with all our strength. Our feelings make us human.
  18. I don’t believe in money as a good; only as an intermediate step between work and reward.
  19. I can speak three languages and I wish I had learned more (there is still time).
  20. I always consider advice, no matter who gives it. I really do.
  21. BUT I hate being told what to do or not do.
  22. Truth is I only do things that I like doing. If I don’t like something, I just can’t do it. I live out of passion.
  23. I love to runaway from human habitats every now and then. Mountains, beaches, they make me happy in ways I can’t explain.
  24. I’ve never ridden a horse (or any other animal for that matter), nor do I have the intention to. The thought of lacking control scares me.
  25. While on that, I made a point of avoiding motorcycles. The reason is I fear I would love it too much and would eventually get one… and that can’t end well.
  26. There are songs, poems and films that can make me cry even in my happiest days. Fortunately the reverse of that is also true.
  27. I can never stop analyzing people.
  28. I am metrosexual and not afraid to admit it.
  29. I am the living proof the you can be calculated without being calm.
  30. I once wanted to be a doctor and I’m still confused regarding why I changed my mind.
  31. I used to sleep with the radio on.
  32. I love reading. I really really love reading.
  33. I love tea. I probably have around 20-30 types of tea in my house right now and wish I could get more.
  34. Most of those are Rooibos varieties by the way.
  35. I am dreaming of having an appartment big enough for me to put everything I want in. Interestingly enough though, I don’t care much for houses. I’m a big city person.
  36. I love driving. Driving is a vice for me.
  37. My dreamcar is the Porsche 911. I will not rest until the day I have one.
  38. I like giving personal meaning to items and symbols: rings, medallions, impossible triangles (;) )
  39. I have hay fever and I never knew it (till I got to DC).
  40. I love the smell of coffee, but I nearly never drink it. It also makes me sick.
  41. I am very sensitive to caffeine.
  42. I stopped watching TV years ago and I don’t regret it.
  43. I actually don’t have cable TV in my appartment.
  44. I find cooking interesting, nearly fascinating and wish I had more time to learn.
  45. I am completely unable to draw or paint. Never really bothered learning.
  46. I love travelling. And photography.
  47. But I hate guided tours.
  48. When I have time, I will walk aimlessly for hours just to see the city.
  49. That’s how I got to know and love Bucharest.
  50. I am easily distracted.
  51. I like filling my life up till I can’t handle it anymore (like now) and then trimming the unimportant things out until it gets back to normal. Then I repeat the process.
  52. I like to be very precise about time.
  53. It’s why I like watches.
  54. I love clubbing, although I was never a regular clubber.
  55. Actually I haven’t done that in months. Sad face.
  56. I rarely say no to a challenge or an exciting idea.
  57. And when I do, most of the time I regret it.
  58. I’m always willing to reconsider my positions, if presented with serious arguments.
  59. I have chosen my religious view as a result of years of debate, argumentation and research; not at all trivially.
  60. And I have a pretty cool paper written last year to prove the above point.
  61. I always seem to injure myself in some way while skiing, but I still can’t stop.
  62. I believe in guidelines, not as much in rules.
  63. I love photography.
  64. Until I flew over the Atlantic, I never had a trip I thought was too long, only too short.
  65. I believe in the huge, almost exclusive importance of details. Small things impress me, big things rarely do.
  66. I am easy to impress, but very difficult to shock.
  67. I have a very good memory of numbers, not so much of names.
  68. I am not modest, but I try and only show off through actions rather than words.
  69. Although most people don’t believe me, I really don’t care about grades, just learning.
  70. I am competitive. Very competitive. If nothing else, every day is a series of competitions with myself.
  71. I was very close to death a few too many times in my rather short life.
  72. This is why I never forget that life is contingent. Any slight shift in the world of “yesterday” could have meant you wouldn’t be alive “today”.
  73. I believe we should never be satisfied with what we do, but we should always be thankful for what is granted to us.
  74. I do believe that luck can be made.
  75. I despise and pity hypocrites and liars.
  76. I secretly want to get a dog. Shhh! It’s a secret.
  77. I believe computer science to be as much an art as it is science.
  78. I like philosophy and it pains me to see that people do not understand how important it is to our lives.
  79. I tend to associate with characters from songs, books, films etc. even when I have to invent fictional scenarios for that association.
  80. I love riddles and puzzles.
  81. I am quite clumsy, especially with small objects, but I still like fixing stuff and taking things apart.
  82. I can’t stand the greasy feeling most lotions leave on the skin.
  83. Which is why until this year I refused to use sunscreen. But this summer I yielded to common sense.
  84. When things get bad, I turn to my friends and my dreams.
  85. When things are good, I try to make more friends and I dream up new plans.
  86. My lifestyle is constructed around several concepts, one of the most important being  the Golden Mean.
  87. Some others are determinism, Carpe Diem and Übermensch.
  88. I like experimenting.
  89. I consider/admit that I am a difficult person and I admire all my friends for their tolerance.
  90. I try not to regret any past decisions or actins. #86 should give you a good idea why.
  91. I would love to do Parkour some day.
  92. I used to do swimming at an almost pro level for many years. Now I suck at it.
  93. Even after years of computers, I still have perfect eyesight.
  94. I like the concept of Christmas, but I hate the contemporary consumerist approach to it.
  95. I am very critic of all things.
  96. I want to see more of the world.
  97. I have a great sense of orientation. Even when I try to get lost I don’t manage to.
  98. I love saving memories: pictures, videos, emails, ANYTHING. Every now and then I will spend hours digging through the past.
  99. This heterogeneous list represents me well. I am a little bit of everything and I do a little bit of everything. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it, I sure had fun writing it!

I send this tag along to Andreas, Ovi and Angi. Enjoy 🙂