Just yesterday I had an interesting – though brief – conversation with a friend of mine regarding some aspects of Romanian politics. One thing I found surprising was that my friend – an intelligent individual whose opinions I respect for being well argued and referenced – was supporting a certain figure of Romanian politics whom I believed should long have been thrown in jail. We had little time to develop on the subject and I hope we will in the future, but this reminded me of how easy it is to be wrong, but unaware that you are wrong. Long have I complained about the Romanian youth’s ignorance of history, politics and such, and now someone was proving me to be wrong in my own knowledge and interpretation of historical facts, interpretation which is not the result of trivial observation.
I appreciate his comments. I appreciate his interest. If I am wrong, even more than if I were right, I appreciate him proving me wrong. If only more people were interested in these topics, than there would be more debates and we would, some day, understand the truth.

When it comes to opinions of this type, I urge people to be, in this aspect at least, humble. No matter how firmly you believe in something never forget that you could be wrong. I tell the students I train for ACM to always assume that the implementation of their solution for any given problem has bugs no matter how many tests they ran that said otherwise. I think if we all lived by this concept, it would be a much better world for all of us. Remember what Bertrand Russell said: “I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.”

So what really happened back in December 1989? What happened in June 1990 in Bucharest? What has happened since, in the past 19 years? Where will we be next year, after 20 years of democracy? These are questions many of us want answered now, but we will have to wait for another 20 years at least before we will get our true answers. As my high school history professor put it: 20 years is to soon to discuss history. If we talk about it now, it’s just politics. In maybe another 20 years it will just be history and we will really find out what happened there.

1 Decembrie 2008. 90 de ani de la Marea Unire. 19 ani de la Revolutie.
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