It’s always hard to decide when to draw the line. When to close a certain chapter of your life and move on. It’s also hard to decide what a chapter is. Where does it start, where should it end (should it end at all?). It’s hard to accept such changes, but life goes on and there’s nothing you can do about it. There aren’t that many choices really, it’s more a matter of deciding to structure what’s already there.

For three months now I’ve been considering changing the website and it’s already been a month since I started thinking about changing the blog also. It’s about time thoughts touched base with reality, as these changes will once again reflect the changes taking place in me. A chapter has been closed, a new one must be open. Part of this change will affect my blog.

I will be working on some of my new design ideas over the course of the next few weeks/months and changes will be made during this time, granted I have time for it. This blog will most probably become less personal, more public and more technically focused. I doubt there will be any new postings until the work is done, but no promises of any kind there.

I should note that this is not the end of my blogging activity, it’s just a necessary shift. I am changing the way I publish “myself” online and what private versus public should be. Some of this is long overdue so I’m happy to finally get around to do it. Granted, some of my old readers will be slightly disappointed by the “new” blog, but I’m planning on having them covered some other way. Soon to come…