About a week ago I was done reading Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment”, while listening to a playlist dominated by the two newest CDs I got, Tom Waits’ haunting chords from “Alice” and Itzhark Perlman and John Williams’ “Schindler’s List” soundtrack. Having finished this amazing novel, I’ve now decided to write a post I’ve been planning for a long time.

Places or things I would want to see before I die:

1. Jerusalem – the holy city for over 50% of the world’s population. The city that more people died fighting for in the history of mankind than any other (and the conflicts continue). This is something I must see with my own eyes.
2. Aurora Borealis/Australis – the Valkyries await only the brave
3. The desert (any desert) – “Every man, woman and child alive should see the desert one time before they die. Nothing at all for miles around, nothing but sand and rocks and cactus and blue sky. Not a soul in sight. No sirens, no car alarms, nobody honking at you, no madman cursing or pissing on the streets. You find the silence out there. You find the peace. You can find God.” (25th Hour)
4. The Pyramids – a tomb built over 4 millennia ago that still stands. Need I say more?
5. India – after so much reading and hearing, this country continues to amaze me. Asia in general is of great interest to me, but India seems to top the list. Japan comes a rather close second though, then China.
6. Oxford – ever since I read Pullman’s books, I felt an incredible urge to see this place, walk its streets, see the buildings and the people. Specifically, I want to find THAT tree and THAT bench he mentions at the end of the book, somewhere in the Botanic Garden. Sit down there, on a Midsummer’s Day, at the same time as Will and Lyra.
7. Mount Athos – being born a man, I have the possibility of seeing this place; so I feel I must honor this chance that I’ve been given
8. Auschwitz – we must see the horror in order to be sure we will not forget it
9. Africa – the cradle of human life is a must see
10. Sagrada Familia – when it will be done (if ever or during my lifetime), it’s worth paying a visit. Several visits actually..

There’s always more, but this is a top 10. The order is really more random than anything else, except for the first three which are really interesting to me. Feel free to share yours πŸ˜‰