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Most of the people I talk to say that they don’t have a “serious” addiction. What is a serious addiction? How is that worse than a “normal” one? What is a normal addiction then? Can we grade these addictions? Can we make a top 20? I don’t think it matters.. and here’s how I see it.

We’re addicted to caffeine. It’s in every other thing, we don’t even know how addicted we are until it’s taken from us and we can’t function anymore. And newsflash, you actually can OD on caffeine, it happened to a friend of mine a month ago during finals. We’re addicted to tobacco to relax us, we’re addicted to alcohol to make us happy. We say we’re not, but the truth hurts and we know it. We’re simply intoxicatedly addicted to carbs (yea, that includes you vegetarians too, even if you don’t like to admit it), up to the point where it’s ruining our health and we know it, but we can’t stop. Instead, we blame it on fats which are not addictive and take them out of our diet (replacing them with more carbs) when we know that they have actually nothing to do with it. We’re addicted to TV, to music, to the Internet, to chatting. We’re incredibly addicted to computer games. We’re addicted to our cellphones, to our organizers, to our alarm clocks. We’re addicted to this idea of speed and efficiency that’s crushing us daily. We’re addicted to a weird concept of wealth and to our social status. We’re addicted to danger and mistery, we’re addicted to society and it’s rules. We are addicted to faith.

And I could go on for another hour, but there is no addiction like the following: We’re addicted to love. And the lack of love is the source of all our other addictions. We just don’t get enough love. If we had all the love we needed, we wouldn’t need anything else. Just love. But we don’t have that much love and we’re not able to give that much love. Our main addiction is also the hardest one to come by. They don’t sell love at the supermarket. They don’t pour love in our food. They can’t squeeze love through the cables. We actually need to get our own love, we can’t just ask for it and that drives us crazy, because we know we will never have enough and the more love we will have the more we will want. So we replace our lack of love with what we can and we hope for the best.
There is no serious addiction. There is just addiction. And we’re all way more addicted then we think we are and the thought of somebody or something stopping us from feeding our addictions is often more horrible to us than death itself. When will we start admitting that we are enslaved by our own greedy attempt to try and make things easier for ourselves? What is life about? Is it about happiness or is it about addictions?