I was soooo excited about “The Golden Compass”. Months before it came out, when there was nothing but a teaser I saw this summer, I began hoping for a new beautiful adventure film. But.. God.. never before have I seen such a mutilation of a great story and I do mean NEVER. It makes Star Wars Ep. 3 look like a masterpiece. I never thought you could go so wrong with all the right things… a great story to start with, a batch of great actors (four of my favorite actors in this film, that’s very rare), not to mention a huge budget. But this is a failure of epic proportions.
I am unspeakably happy that I didn’t get to see the film when it came out and so I read the books before seeing this; and, if before seeing it I wished they would make two more and wrap-up the trilogy, now I pray that they never ever continue this.
All I can say is: save those two hours of your life that you would spend watching the film to go buy the books. You will not regret the decision.