All who have spent some time by my side know that I generally openly despise happy endings. Happy endings are predictable, forgettable and generally too fantastic too be really appreciated. You can ruin even the best of stories by a simplistic happy end. It’s the tragedies that stick with us… that bring about our catharsis and our meditation. But last night, I wished with all my heart that the story I was reading had a happy end..because as I was going through the pages with an ever-increasing anxiety, the realization of the inevitable was breaking my heart. I was there side by side with the main characters, not giving up, searching, hoping.. until the last possible moment.. until the last page.
The end of Pullman’s story left me with a mix of feelings…because of the ending which is both good and bad, both happy and sad. And I know…I know that this is the way it should be and that if the ending was the one I first thought I will read, I would’ve probably been happier, but I would have also not been so impressed by the book and I wouldn’t be blogging about it right now. But as it is, I simply can’t take it out of my mind, I can’t stop thinking about it. I feel like picking it up and reading it again from the very beginning, I feel like I’m there or that I should be there… I even started wondering what my daemon would look like..
The thought of having to go to sleep tonight without first being kept awake for HOURS following Lyra and Will through their amazing adventures is enough to make me sad… and I haven’t felt this way because of a book for a long time (neither did I happily sacrifice my sleep for one for a very long time). I would dare say (although I would probably be wrong, I’ve read a lot since), that I last felt this when I was reading Lord Of The Rings… and although back a few years ago I didn’t think I was going to find such a book so soon, I would also dare say that this is a better book than Tolkien’s creation (which I also love and appreciate, mind you). My endless admiration and respect to Philip Pullman and all those able of such epic masterpieces.

With nearly no connection, I also take this opportunity to present some of the last photos I took in 2007 (these are taken on December 30th).
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