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It’s been two years since I lied down in the middle of one of the (normally) busiest streets in Bucharest. It’s been two years since I watched my city light up while listening to our national anthem. It’s been two years and many things have changed since, but many others never will.
Over here, December 1st means nothing more than what it is. It does not even mark the beginning of the holiday season. Thanksgiving which was last week marks that. In the US, December 1st is a day like every other one.
Slowly, but surely, we are stepping into the Christmas spirit. No, I don’t mean the huge trees the city halls put out, or the omnipresent Santa in every mall, not even the mad shopping soon to get worse or the lights or the red ribbons. No, I mean the actual spirit… that faint hope that, at least for a few days, people will be happier, kinder, closer to their loved one. Unfortunately, it seems to me more and more every year that Damien Rice was right: “We’ll call it Christmas when the adverts begin”. I couldn’t care less… I still believe. I will always believe. Believe in Christmas, believe in Santa Claus. Do you believe?